Air Ambulance

The Air Ambulance Charity mission is to provide outstanding pre-hospital care and life-saving intervention.

Penkridge & District First Responders

Penkridge & District First Responders are a group of volunteers, trained by the ambulance service to provide lifesaving treatment to people in their local communities.

Penkridge Litter Pickers

The Penkridge Litter Pickers are group of volunteers who keep the streets of Penkridge tidy and litter free.

Monckton Committee

The Penkridge Sports and Recreation (Monckton) Centre is a charity organisation managed and maintained by a group of volunteers known as the Monckton Committee. 

PENKRIDGE OPEN AIR is proud to support a number of local and national charities.

Profits will be donated to our chosen charities. 


In October 2021, 2 months after our event, our stage manager Rupert Jones suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at the age of 35. 

On the day of Ruperts incident, the Midlands Air Ambulance responded to the emergency call out. 

In response to the incident we started campaigning for all staff in the events industry to receive first aid training as a new industry standard as well as for live event venues to have AED units on site. 

The Penkridge and District First Responders… responded… to our call out for providing first aid training to all event staff in a number of local venues. 

Training and equipment can make all the difference to someone who needs it. This is why we will be splitting our profits between these charities so they can continue to save lives. 


We understand that large events can cause environmental disruption, this is why we want our event to help sustain and improve the local area. We want to minimise the impact our event has on Penkridge., whilst still supporting the village and it’s people, charities and businesses.

We make a donation to the Penkridge Litter Pickers before our event to make sure our site is kept litter free, we follow this up with a further donation after the event to help with equipment supply and maintenance. ⁠

We make a donation to the Monckton Committee to help with funding for essential ground maintenance and general upkeep. So that the Monckton Grounds can continute to be a hub for the local community. ⁠

We hope our donations can help keep Penkridge a tidy and litter free village and can assist in improving the local area. ⁠